This morning I had an interview at Tocquigny at 10am for an internship. I almost called to see if I could come later this week when I have a rental car, but I sucked it up, climbed in through my passenger side, drove there, climbed out of my passenger side, and went in. They had me fill out an application and when I was finished, the girl at the front desk called Jessica, who I was supposed to meet with. She was out sick. The next girl in line to meet with me was also out sick. Third’s a charm. I finally got to meet with someone. I feel like it went alright. It was awkward because she was asking me questions straight off a paper, there was no other talk, no casual conversation to get to know me, nothing from her. She took me around the office when I was finished answering her quesitons to show me the place and then told me I would probably have to come back in when Jessica was back. I’d really like to work with them. Tocquigny, TracyLocke/DDB, or CDM. *crossing my fingers*


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