Allow me to introduce my brother, the idiot

I love him, don’t get me wrong…I would just never tell him that. It’s how we are. So yesterday, I was talking to mom (daily check-in) and she says, “so we got a phone call at 3:30 this morning.” Those are never good, so from whom, I inquired. My brother. He has a tendency to run out of gas, so I asked if he ran out in the middle of the night and if that was why he called. It was not. She said he was driving Todd’s (Todd is his best friend from high school) car on 610 and that Todd was “obliterated” in the passenger seat. Some girl cut between them and a truck and hit that quarter panel of Todd’s red 2000ish Camero. The cops had been following her and pulled her over. My idiot brother didn’t stop. Why, you ask? Because he also had been drinking. The went to a Randall’s, looked at the car and called my parents. Mom said you could hear Todd in the background being drunk. Dad said to get him in the car before they drew any attention to themselves, being as neither one of them are 21 yet. He did and they went to my parents house. From there they called the police and waited 2 hours for them to show up. By 5:30 when they weren’t there yet, they called back. The police had been waiting at “the scene of the crime” for them. They drank water, ate some bread, and headed back. Apparently the cops were ass holes but didn’t give them any tickets, even when my brother made some wise ass comments asking one of the cops if he was “a lawyer or something.” Idiot. What underage kid who’s been drinking and left the scene of a crime in the middle of the night is going to talk back to a cop?!? They called Mom and Dad when it was all over at 6:30. No tickets were issued and no one was taken to jail. Todd’s insurance will have to pay for his car. Brother leaves for the Army Thursday, the same day he turns 21.


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