-There is $2,914.70 worth of damage to my car and they don’t pay for a rental upfront, they reimburse me. What if I don’t have that kind of money?!?

-A friend took me out Friday for lunch. I had a really good time. He’s great. I saw him this morning at the gym, quickly turned and walked to the locker room. I hope he didn’t see me.

-I have discovered in the last week that I am over being a “player.” I no longer have any desire to try to date (and only date) more than one guy simultaneously. I was pretty good at it last spring, I had like 4 going at one time, but I just don’t want to do that anymore.

-Yesterday at mass, church boy sat next to me and then talked to me for like 10 minutes after mass at my car. I can’t read him. He sure doesn’t seem like he has a girlfriend. Grr. I’m over that, it was the first time I saw him without getting butterflies. It was nice.

-I HATE jean shopping, as do most other girls. Nothing ever fits me quite right. My jeans are all so old, because I can’t find anything I like, that they all have holes somewhere in them. Some other than others. Some I’ve had to stop wearing because of the size and placement of the holes. Thursday I was damn determined to find some. Tash and I went to the mall. We went a few places. Nothing. Everything is made for girls with stick legs. I have me some thighs. So, I got a bigger size. They were still super tight on my legs and just HUGE in the waist. Grr. So frustrating. Tash said Glo jeans are made for “curvier” girls, so we went looking for them, in JCPenny no less. I have refused to shop there since about 8th grade. I found some jeans, not Glo…they’re Tint. Never heard of it but they fit better than any other jeans I’ve had in the last 5 years. Best part? They were $27 after tax!! I want another pair. There were a few stores I used to be able to go to and count on the jeans fitting, but that has changed in the last 6 months. Now, I don’t have a specific brand to wear. SO glad I found those!! :-D


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