inner conflict

This afternoon I have a second interview at Tocquigny. I will go, do my best, and hope to be offered a position. It will give me a feeling of accomplishment and let me know people do want to hire me. The chances of me taking the job are very very slim to none though. There are 2 jobs I have interviewed for that I want. One has offered me a position and it would be moronic not to take it. The other I have not heard from. I think I might call and tell them my situation to see if they want me, but regardless, I can’t justify working in Dallas or Austin over New York City. There’s just nothing smart about that. Nothing at all. Today I will call Tim back and I am pretty sure, with few questions asked, that I will accept his offer of a summer internship with CDM. *happy dance*

Interning in New York will leave me with the pesky situation of having two sets of bills. :( I am afraid, however, to let someone I don’t know sublease my apartment for the summer. I have too many nice things. I don’t want things to end up broken or stolen.

For now it’s looking like…New York? Two sets of bills? Here I come! I warned my parents starting in January. I think they realize it is the best career choice for me at this point. They will support me. I am so happy!!


One response to “inner conflict

  1. Mel, that’s awesome about your internship in NYC. Go for it! I’m sure it will be a great experience for you!

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