fruit salad

so yesterday I’m sitting in my research class, sans distractions, perfectly content…well, as content as you can be in a research class, when all of the sudden, the woman next to me gets out a fruit salad. Don’t get my wrong, I am all for fruit salad. We always eat in class, everyone does. In fact, I had just finished a granola bar and two girls to my right were eating bagles, cream cheese and all. Strawberries, grapes, watermelons, blueberries, bananas, mmmm…sounds so good right now. The problem I had with this particular fruit salad, however, was that it was predominantly pineapple. *gag* Anyone who knows me should know that when pineapple season rolls around I avoid the produce section because I can’t stand the smell of it that much! I can’t eat anything that has touched pineapple or its juice in any way. I can’t drink a mixed drink with pineapple in it. If God gave me the option to remove any one food from this earth, pineapple would be it.

So, she took her time eating it. All of class, in fact. So, for all of class, I had to sit next to her and smell the overwhelmingly disgusting smell of pineapple. I couldn’t concentrate. Not a chance. You know, I’m really unsure of what we were actually lectured about in class. I just kept hoping she would eat faster and then I realized that even if she did, the juice would still be there emitting the smell. I really like that we can eat in class. I take advantage of it nearly every day, but maybe I am seeing a side I’ve never thought about. There’s a chance that someone near you can’t concentrate becuase what you are eating is distracting them. Hmm. Maybe high school had a good point.


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