More randomness

-I think I like him. We’ll see how it pans out. I’m sure it will be like everything else for the last 2 years. We’ll go out a couple of times and one of us (most likely me) will get bored.

-Brother is leaving for Ft. Bragg today for 9 weeks, 1 week off, 12 weeks somewhere in NC. We talked for 20 minutes last night. I’m not sure we’ve ever talked for that long.

-I have needed to pop my back for like 5 days now but I’m too timid to ask any boy to help me out. I can’t seem to do it alone.

-Tonight is Lily’s bday at Cuba Libre for tapas and then Speakeasy for Salsa. Can’t wait!! Apparently it’s a good girl/guy ratio too. Good for the girls I guess. Looks like I won’t be sitting out. Woohoo! Hehe.

-coffee mugs are awesome. my favorites are the random one I pick up in places that are fun and that don’t match. Yay for coffee mugs with stars inside them.


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