Tocquigny: Interview #2

I was there for less than 10 minutes. That confuses me. Why even ask me back? We sat down, she asked me to tell her a little about myself that she can’t learn from my resume or application, so I did. She stopped me after less than a minute and started talking about things I already knew about the internship. She talked for quite a while. Then she told me thanks for coming back, it was just a quick meeting so that she could meet me and that they would be having a meeting “this afternoon” to talk about who gets the internship and that they should be making calls by the end of the week. That fact that we didn’t really talk at all leads me to believe that either, a) she didn’t like me at all and that I’m not going to get it OR b) that the other girl really likes me and they already decided on me.

Oh well, regardless, I had called CDM back and accepted their offer for an internship this summer before my second meeting at Tocquigy. I was just going to see what would come of things.


One response to “Tocquigny: Interview #2

  1. Be very glad you didn’t get the internship there. You would only learn to hate your chosen field.

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