Fun and idiocy

So, Friday night we went out to celebrate NY internship. There was a pretty good group of people who went. I had four of my different groups of friends out…ironically enough, none of my advertising friends came out. We really don’t hang out much anymore. I don’t know what’s up with that. Oh well. So we went to Apple Bar, Cuba Libre and Foundation. It was an all around good time. At Cuba Libre we lost 4 people. They decided to go to 6th Street, where I had said before we even went out that I did not want to go. So, they left us. So be it. We had a lot of fun!

I started drinking (2 glasses of wine) at home and had 4 other drinks throughout the night. I know some people thought I was drunk. I wasn’t, just having a good time. I remember all of the night and everything that happened, including J being rude to me because he said I was drunk. I had an apple martini at Apple Bar and a shot J bought. I don’t think I drank at Cuba Libre, but I did dance some. Then, on to Foundation. When we walked in Lance and Tyler were there. Lance was sweet and bought me a drink. Tash said she didn’t know what she would so if she had a guy who looked like that buy her a drink. Haha. He is cute, I will give her that. Then we went upstairs to dance and be stupid. A fed me a couple of drinks. I danced with K and then some other friends got there and met us. When we said hi, one of the girls who was with them gave some serious “go to hell” looks, so I dedicated the rest of the evening to pissing her off. Juvenile, yet oh so fun! M and I danced and flirted and I am pretty sure I accomplished my mission. Said girl was pissed off. He, however tried over and over and over again to kiss me. I dodged, over and over and over again. I am not going to kiss a drunk guy at a bar. Period.

I was told, by more than one person, that M and the girl were kissing earlier that night. I was also told that outside of one of the bars we were at she said to him, “wow, she was all over you [which I was not, I’m not that kind of girl]. You’ve got her right where you want her.” Those right there, are good reasons for me to cut him off, be me and do what I always do. I have severed all ties with guys for less. I absolutely refuse to be just another girl to anyone. I don’t want to get involved in whatever drama exists with him and girl. We are going to lunch this week where I may call him out. I want to hear what he has to say. All the talking and he said she said and I heard this may have changed the story…but it is pretty consistent from everyone, so I doubt my feelings about this are going to change. I don’t do this bull shit.

At one point when he tried to kiss me and I dodged, I asked him what his “girlfriend will think.” He said something along the lines of, “I don’t have a girlfriend. You’re my only girl.” I don’t remember what my response was, probably not a whole lot. That kind of line doesn’t impress me much. Grr. I’m really irritated with this situation and that fact that any guy thinks he can treat me this way.


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