High school all over again (in a good way)

Friday, Good Friday, is Michael’s bday. His party was at Kyle’s house Saturday. Seeing as how they were two of my best friends for a long time, I felt obligated. We have grown so far apart in the last 4 years or so. We are all in the same city again, but that doesn’t chance much. 5 of us who were inseparable in high school are here but we never see either other as a group. So much has changed. Regardless, Athena and I went to the party at Kyle’s. It was a Luau theme and had a pretty good time. We all got along just fine and there wasn’t any awkwardness that registered on my radar. I was ready to leave earlier than we did, but Athena was having fun so we stayed a while. I never thought another picture of the group of us would exist again. It does and it makes me smile. It’s so crazy how life changes and how people change in it. We are all different. Shannon’s husband won’t even let her see us anymore. Crazy.


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