grrr…and not in a good way!

So this, lately, seems to center around advertising and a boy. Today I will be writing about the boy as my advertising life seems to be pretty stable and uneventful for the time being.

So, yesterday we went to lunch for the third time, but I was more nervous then the first time we went out. I guess because for me 3 dates is a big step. I haven’t done that in who knows how long. It was a little awkward at first, like we didn’t know what to talk about. Then it got better I guess. We still know so little about each other, yet I don’t know what to ask him about. It’s like we don’t want to offend the other or step on each other’s toes. There are a lot of things I can think about that we haven’t talked about, but they’re things I feel like we just can’t talk about yet. I don’t want to be too serious just yet. Shouldn’t things just come out in conversation? We ended up recapping what we know about each other and sort of going from there. I think it ended up going well. We established that we both like each other and want to continue what is going on right now.

Last night, another friend invited us to go see the Spazmatics and I have never seen them, but been told about them and asked to go so many times. So, we went. It was a group of 6 of us or so from church and we ran into some other people there. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy 80’s music, being a child of the 80’s and all. He was there and he was being really great. We talked a lot and had a good time. Talked about a bunch of things. Some of which I was a little uncomfortable with, but he brought them up and there was no sidestepping them. We ended our conversation with some conclusions that I was pretty happy with. At the end of our night, the person who drove wanted to go home, so we went. He wanted me to stay with him and let him take me home. A, it’s really far our of his way, especially when he didn’t drive, so we’d have to go to his house and then to mine. That’s a lot of trouble. B, he was drunk. Sorry, I have family members that have been killed by driving drunk, I’m just not into it. I would rather he just not drive, so I didn’t stay. He wouldn’t hardly say bye to me. He was apparently “pissed off” because I didn’t stay with them. Are you kidding me?!? It was 12:30 on a Wednesday night. I had to be up at 6 this morning. Give me a freaking break.

So, Tash and I talk and catch up like (I assume) a married couple while we are in bed at night. We had a lot to talk about. I was waiting until she got out of the shower. While I was waiting, he called. He was a jerk. He was pissed at me for not staying and was being rude. I hope he was drunk, not that that is an excuse, but it might help some. He made me so mad that I couldn’t talk to Tash about that night, I didn’t have anything left to say. I was fuming and went to bed. I am still mad at him this morning. Are you kidding me? Get mad at me for leaving a bar with the person who drove me there?? It’s not the end of the world, you’ll see me again. Is that really grounds to say something about “if there is a next time” we go out? Especially about all we’d talked about through the course of the day. If you’re going to get drunk 4 nights a week and be an asshole while you are, who says I want to deal with your drama and bullshit? I don’t put up with this, especially when I am just starting to date you! You think I don’t think about what you’ll act like in the future if this is how you act in the beginning? It won’t get any better. What makes him think I have to put up with that? I can do so much better. Urg!!

I’m not calling him. His ass can call me and I want some form of apology. If I see him tonight, then I see him. I’m not going to make any sort of move, in fact, I might make an effort to not sit near him. You want to be an asshole, M? I can play that game too, trust me, I’m good at games!


3 responses to “grrr…and not in a good way!

  1. YouWillLearnToHateMe

    I gotta agree, if he’s already giving you crap, then he probably ain’t a keeper.

    So, if… he’s really nice when its just the two of you, but not a lot to talk about, he drinks all the time, is demanding after just a couple of dates, calls to threaten to cut you off when you don’t get a ride from his drunk ass… I’d say you are getting played. Or else he’s really, really possesive. Or maybe even just a terrible drunk. But any of those would be enough for me to run the other way…

  2. Isn’t that the guy who spilled my martini last week? The best martini I’ve ever had? If so, you should totally castrate him. And by castrate I mean have angry sex. Hehe.

    Besides, you’re going to NY. You don’t need a boyfriend. :)

    I gave my cat the chicken out of my chicken noodle soup. But she won’t eat it out of her bowl, just off the floor! :( I wish I had a tidy cat.

  3. Dude, I saw the spazmatics in DFW! They were amazing! (minus all of the 30 -40 year old people at the bar

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