Alone Time

I was supposed to come home yesterday. Mom called me and asked me when I was coming home “tomorrow.” I said, ok, I guess I won’t come home today. So, I hung out and cleaned up the apartment and made a bunny cake (Easter family tradition) with Athena. Then last night I went to the Good Friday mass where I met up with some friends. There were actually quite a few of us there.

After mass I planned on going home and watching The Passion. M had planned to do the same thing, so we consolidated and watched it together at my apartment. It was the first time we’d hung out alone. Sure, we’ve been to lunch a few times, but that’s always in public. I really enjoyed the night. We sat on the couch and watched the movie. After, we saw on the couch, backs against opposing arm rests, feet toward each other with a blanket to keep them warm and talked for like 3 hours. I had a really good time. When he’s sober, he’s so great to hang out with. He’s smart, ambitious, curtious, incredibly well mannered, sweet, great to look at, and fun. We talked about a lot. A lot that doesn’t seem significant, but was simply good to talk about. Great conversation.

Today I talked to Becca and told her about everything. She said I should just tell him that I’d like to continue this and see what happens with it, but that I don’t like being around him when he is drinking. Like J, her fiance, he gets pushy and takes things too personally. I hate being around guys who get easily offended when they’re drunk. Last night he apologized though for this week and the way he acted. I want to hang out with him more. I like him.


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