Fire Watch

Yesterday I got the second letter from my brother. He wrote it the same time he wrote the first. While he was on fire watch. I didn’t understand what that was until I asked Dad this weekend. Apparently all the guys take turns sitting up for a designated period of time at night while all the other guys are asleep. It is their job to make sure everyone gets up and out if the barracks catch on fire. Hence the name: fire watch. It sounded really weird to me at first. What, the government can’t invest in some smoke detectors? Dad said it teaches them responsibility. Afterall, they are the ones responsible for the other 50 or so men who are asleep. Sort of a cool way to teach them. That and if they go to war that is something they will have to do as well. He told me that he’s already ready to go home. He said he sort of wishes they’d send him home. Wow. So different from me. I think I’d be so embarassed to be sent home. I hope he sticks it out and accomplishes something.

Him being gone is going to completely change the relationship between us, I think. We have never been close and we get along alright…as long as we’re not in the same city. I think this whole letter writing business might change the relationship that we have. I mean, he did write me 2 letters in 3 days. I guess we will see what happens. I need to write him back now that I have his address. He didn’t have one when he sent me those letters, but apparently over the weekend he had a 3 minute phone call he could make. He didn’t call Mom and Dad…he called his stupid ex-girlfriend. I don’t get him. They’re not together. He gave her his address and his graduation information and she sent it in an email to my Mom. If I was Mom that would really have hurt my feelings. It surprises me that he didn’t think of that. But then again, when has my brother ever been the thoughtful, considerate type? Yeah, he’s not. He just doesn’t think about things. I don’t get that. I need to write him.


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