129 finally

I have been working out since January when school started.  I took most of last semester off to let my knee heal.  Bad knees are genetic in my family.  Let's just say whether I run or not, by the age of 70 I will most likely have to have both of my knees replaced.  So, my knee healed, I gained close to 20 pounds and I decided I had to start running again.  Within a week my knee made it hard to just walk, so I started using a PreCor at the gym.  Much less impact.  That is how I lost my 20 pounds about a year earlier.  Here, however, they have a time limit on the machines in the rec.  Mildly irritating, but acceptable.  I did my 30 minutes every afternoon, plus some light weights and was on my way.  Nothing.  No change in the fit of my clothing, no change in my measurements, no change in my weight.  I started eating better, drinking more water.  Nothing.  The weather got nicer, I started running outside.  I didn't want to take clothes to school with me anymore and Townlake takes a lot of gas/time to go to and from every day, so I drove down the street I live on to see how long it is.  It's 4 miles.  Same as my daily run at Townlake, so I decided to start dunning it in the morning.  I continued to gain weight and my clothes got tighter.  So disheartening.  I, however, don't have the money to go buy all new clothes, I didn't think I looked good and was getting depressed.  I had to figure something out, right?  Right!

About 3 weeks ago Tash moved in with me.  I have a 1 bedroom apartment, therefore, we share everything.  By everything I mean a bed, an alarm, a bathroom, etc.  Well, she's been getting up at 6:15.  So have I.  It makes it easier when we go to bed at the same time and stuff.  So I have nothing to do at 7am other than work out…so I changed my routine.  I started working out in the morning rather than in the afternoon and doing it at school in the gym on a precor.  In the am the 30 minute time limit is not enforced because there is never anyone waiting.  Conducive to my 45 minute cardio work out.  I have been doing it for 3 weeks now.  When I started I was at about 136.  At one point in the last month (don't remember exactly when) I went home, weighed myself there and was at 140.  That's the most I have ever weighed.  Ever.  So when I started doing my morning thing 3 weeks ago I weighed 136 at the start.  I didn't weigh myself for about 2 weeks.  The end of last week I was 132.  This morning I was 129!  Woohoo!!

I realize most women will not tell how much they weigh.  I am not most women.  People can see how you look.  What does it matter if they have the number or not?  Besides, if people know it, it keeps me motivated and accountable.  I weigh on hundred and twenty nine pounds.  My goal is to be at 122 before I leave for New York.  Most of my dress pants are a size 2.  At that weight I should be able to fit into them well again.  I fit now but they're too tight.  Not for some people, but too tight for me.  7 pounds in over a month?  I'll be fine.  I just did it in 3 weeks.  I am really excited about it!  It is going to be a good day.  :-D


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