Word vomit

Yesterday I went shopping crazy. I wanted to find a skirt. I’ve been looking for a little black skirt for a while…but not very hard, so I decided to go find one yesterday. Not only did I find a little back skirt, I also found a pair of pants for work, a black button up and a white button up, 2 brown shirts to wear out, a camo tank top, and 2 pairs of earrings. I am going to go back to express and buy the jackets that match the tan pants I have and the grey pants I have to complete the suits. They’re damn cute and will be worth it. I have spent WAY too much money in the last 48 hours. Oh, and not to mention my flip flops. An unplanned purchase out of necessity. Today I was in the CMA walking out of the media lab when the strappy part of my flip flop that goes between the toes decided it didn’t want to be connected to the rest of the shoe anymore. I tripped. I’m sure it looked funny. I tried and tried to fix it. I don’t carry super glue with me though…and nothing worked. Normally I don’t bring my wallet or money with me to campus. Today, for some odd reason I did. I don’t know. I walked, shoeless, to Tyler’s in search of black, girly, prefferably sparkly flip flops. I bought another pair of Reefs, similar to the 5 year old ones I own, but with much thinner straps and a bottom that is not worn almost all the way through. They’re not sparkly, but they’re still cute.

Today I had to take the tags off everything I wore with the exception of my unmentionables. My earrings, my new camo tank top, my little black skirt, and my new black flip flops. On the way to the building I am currently in, while thinking about my choice of camo and how I haven’t owned any since 8th grade, I saw a women also wearing camo. I think she was trying to hide though. The woman’s ENTIRE outfit was camo. T-shirt, long pants, everything. What was she thinking??

I was also thinking after lunch about how I hadn’t had any random, nasty guys hit on me today. In what I am wearing, that surprised me. Guys always proposition me. I thought it too early. As soon as it crossed my mind, (I was walking from lunch to the CMA – I had to cross the street) a couple of guys in a car who were driving by yelled out the window at me. Gag! Then a few cars later a car with a couple of guys in it slowed down and stared at me. Don’t hurt your neck! Gross.

Last night I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with M. It was nice. We talked about a lot. It’s been established that we’re pretty much exclusive. We have both chosen to not go out with other people lately, the explanation being that we’re dating someone else. We also decided that this is not serious right now. It really can’t be. We’re about to be apart for 3 months. Like I’ve said, I really like him minus beer. Wednesday night Athena and I went to see the Spazmatics where we met up with T and M. He tried to kiss me there again. I moved. More than once. Call me a hopeless romantic. I am NOT going to kiss him in a bar. I have more class than that. Athena and I left at 12. Apparently when we did they ran in to Andy Roddick. Cool and all, but big deal. If I ran in to him I would have no idea. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him. I definitely can’t picture him in my head.

On Monday M asked me if I wanted to go on a date tonight. I said yes and it was decided. He’s made no plans for the night. He wants to make food at my place and then hang out and watch a movie. I can do that alone on a Monday night. I want to go out on a date. He wants me to decide what I want to do tonight. The few things I’ve suggested, he’s shot down. Ok…what do you want to do? Grr, can’t you be sweet and romantic and woo me for a night? He has yet to do that. All of my friends are going out tonight and want me to come. I want to go. We could go do our thing and then meet up with them, but I don’t think he’ll want to. We always hang out in a group and he’s said he wants to hang out just us. Well, fine, but come up with something to do other than hang out at my apartment! Will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck and non-irritation.


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