The Sun

Saturday I went with a group of friends to the river. We floated the Comal. It was fun. The only one I’d ever done was the Guadalupe. We had a pretty big group of us. I was scared of the chutes. I’d heard bad stories. They weren’t bad. The amount of attention that group of my girl friends gets is absolutely baffeling. Every single guy we ever go near turns his head to watch them walk by. It’s crazy. We got hit on by so many idiot drunk guys. Gag me. The float is only about 2 hours, so we went twice. Lots of interesting things happened. For example, the 2 girls who didn’t need to be in white were the only 2 wearing white swim suits. I had dragonflys who were having sex land on my boob. Athena had them land on her leg, but boob trumps leg. They knew where to be. Hah. We saw 3 ducks hanging out together. Some drunk idiot decided to run them off the shore. When he did one of them was too lazt to swim, I guess. It climbed on the back on another instead of swimming. People thought that was great and the river erupted in cheers. A couple of idiots jumped off a bridge that was 25 feet or so above the water. That is a shallow river. Idiots. Some guys from the air force were floating by us. They were stupid. We apparently had 3 under age people with us. I had no idea. The cops picked one of them out of the people in the river (bad luck) to ID. She lied about her name and age. They took her to jail. Lying to the cops about who you are is a felony, don’t do it. When we were done floating we went to Rudy’s to eat. Yum. We had fun. I didn’t burn at all, it was great. The river burns everyone.

Yesterday while I was at church Keith called and invited me to go to Zilker Park to play volleyball with him and some friends. I called him back and accepted. What else was I going to do? Sit on my butt in my apartment and watch tv? Fun! So, volleyball it was. I didn’t wear any sun screen. Usually after I’ve spent this much time outside I don’t need it. I don’t burn easily. Today I am uber red. I have a tank top burn. It hurts to carry my bag around campus. I am ready to be brown again.


2 responses to “The Sun

  1. i wish i was in grad school. you kids have time to have fun. jackasses.

  2. oh yeah, and its the “Comal” river.

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