trying something new

Normally when I encounter someone I don’t like or don’t want to like, I just act like they don’t exist. Totally bitchy, I know. I ignore them, don’t look at them when they’re looking at me, don’t say hi, don’t try to get to know them, etc. This proves to be difficult when they live 20 feet away from you. So, I have resolved to try something different for a change. I am trying to be nice. *gasp* Amazing, I know. It all started Sunday night with the BBQ. The guys asked if she had invited me. She said no. My door was open (we were just starting to make dinner) because it was nice out and the girls were coming. She came up, knocked, and invited us down. It was a nice, I’m guessing semiforced, gesture. I politely declined and thanked her for the invitation. Monday I decided to send her a message on facebook thanking her. Why not. She returned it yesterday with a no problem. What will being nice hurt? My pride maybe, but not much else…and I could stand to be more nice in uncomfortable situations. If she wants to be a jerk and hate me, great, good, fine. I will not do it. Let her hate me. I will try to say hi when I see her now. It is resolved.


One response to “trying something new

  1. Nice , now we have a decent head on Roxie’s shoulders. *smiles slyly and rolls with laughter*

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