I am a snob

My grandparents are currently in town. I see them very rarely. When I get the opportunity to spend time with them, I take advantage of it. They’re awesome! Today I drove home to my parent’s house so that I can hang out with them for the next 48 hours. While I was driving down the main road that gets me from the highway to my parent’s house, I passed a family (I’m assuming) of 3 in an old, maroon, Mercury(?) Dynasty. In the back seat you could see the material on the ceiling inside the car falling/peeling off. A lot. They didn’t look like they had a lot of money. The first thought that crossed my mind was Katrina. Things are always changing, of course, but it’s weird to go home and see your neighborhood/area changing. Thousands of people moved to Houston from Louisiana because of the hurricane. Since then the crime rate has gone up in Houston and particularly in the area my parents live. It is a very nice area. It was just weird to see a family today on my way home that seemed to have a demographic that I hadn’t experienced any other time I’ve been here. Lower income families are starting to move into this area I guess. It was weird. I am pretty sure I have never seen anyone driving a Dynasty here before. That is something I would expect to see in Lubbock or Austin even, but not here. I am not judging them or saying they don’t belong, don’t get me wrong. Just understand that I graduated with 13 black people, there aren’t a lot of them here and that people in this area are judged and prove their “status” by what they drive. It was odd to see. New to me. It stood out in the monotony I suppose.


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