So I told Morgan that I would hang out with her while I was here in Katy. Last night we met up at Whisky Mill about 9 o’clock, watched the hockey game (the Wings won, woohoo!), and girl talked. Morgan’s great. We were talking about someone we both have a mutual dislike for, and this guy sitting on a side of the bar that was perpendicular to where we were interrupted her and asked, “Did you say bitch?” She said yes and he told her to go over there. She said, no, she was comfortable, to come to where we were. He did. His friend who was in the bathroom joined us shortly. They put it on pretty thick. They were both wearing wedding rings for which we called both of them out. One said his wife was in Switzerland and the other said his wife has a boyfriend. Wow, great morals, huh? They ended up buying us a bunch of drinks and then paying our tabs. They laid it on so thick though, it was gross. Every time an older guy hits on my I ask them how old they are so that I can tell them they are the same age as my father. One was 5 years younger than him. The other was 3 years older. Gag me. I told him that he is older than both of my parents. He didn’t care.

At some point the younger guy, Brian, told us that Tim, the older one, is the CEO of Halliburton. Yeah. Right. I know I’m young, but I’m not that young. This morning I decided to look him up. He’s not the guy listed on the website as the CEO, but there sure is a picture of him on there. Wow.


One response to “Mr. CEO

  1. I didn’t mention me calling you because that happened while we were sitting in our car, waiting for the cops to leave the house we were staying at… because apparently someone was allegedly stabbed there at the party, and someone else got at huge fine… Go to Portland!

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