Wedding Season

Last night I was talking to a friend about a couple we know getting engaged. That raises my engaged-couples-I-know-list to somewhere around 15. My old roommates got married last August, as did my friends Joe and Cheryl. In February Kirk and Christy got married. 2 weeks ago David and Christine got married. A guy I am in grad school with got engaged over Christmas. there are 9 couples from church in Lubbock engaged. 2 of my best friends are engaged to be married next summer. I actually got the picture of the dress Becca has picked for her bridesmaids dresses yesterday. So. cute. There are 4 girls I lived in the dorms with/was in Phi Lamb with who are engaged. Oh yeah, high school people too. Dash got married a month or so ago. There are several others. This is just getting rediculous. That’s like 15 weekends in the next year that could potentially have weddings for me. Well, 13…I am pretty sure I have 4 sets of friends planning their wedding on 2 of the same weekends. That could potentially be expensive.


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