The “V”

Ladies and gentlemen, my V has decided to make a reappearance. I haven’t seen her in almost a year. Woohoo! This working out is finally paying off. It’s only taken 4 months. I weigh no less, but today I am in my normally super tight jeans that I have had since I was a senior in high school. They were actually kind of loose when I pulled them on after my work out this morning. I didn’t have to do my little, girl-trying-to-get-tight-jeans-on dance! Hah. I would like to lose some weight, but if I can fit into my work pants for the summer that will be fine. I bought most of them last spring when I wasw 10 lbs. lighter and I just want to be able to wear them without them being skin tight. I don’t want to spend the money on new ones. This is the easiest/cheapest option I have. Plus, working out helps me stay less stressed. Yay, the V is back! Next to go is the butt. That’s how it happened before. The V appeared and the butt started to shrink. They will fit before I leave. They will.


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