Insurance Bitch

Do you ever get to frusterated you can’t do anything but cry? Most guys probably don’t, I think they hit things, but how bout you girls? I don’t cry when I’m sad or embarassed or emotional or hurt or whatever else, I cry (very seldomly at that) when I am so pissed off or so frusterated that I don’t know what else to do. Had the insurance woman been in the same room as me I would have had to walk out…I would have wanted to hit her. I called her yesterday to find out about how they reimburse me for the rental car. She never answers, but she returns her messages at the end of the day. She had an attitude from the moment I picked up the phone. She’d never had one with me before, but Pam, the woman who’s been in charge of getting my car fixed, said she was really rude to her last week. How does she, an insurance agent, whose job it is to fix things and pay for them, have room to be rude to me? I didn’t do anything to her, I didn’t say anything to her, and I left her a polite message saying I had a question for her, could she please call me back when she got a chance. She was so rude and was telling me they’re not going to pay for my rental and all sorts of stuff. It’s not my fault the guy who hit me is too cheap to use a reputable insurance company people have heard of before! When the car people asked me who the insurance who would be paying for this was and I told them Gainsco, they all said Geico? Who? Don’t use Gainsco, ever. They suck at life! Jerks!

*update* Her supervisor is a bitch. I’m writing corporate.


2 responses to “Insurance Bitch

  1. You should write cororate.. I’d be tellling as many supervisors as I could about that, and bitching as many people out as I could, I don’t pay my insurance company a montly rate to get bitched out about dumb shit… also I’m drunk again and I don’t exactly remember the last few hours

  2. That’s a run of bad luck you’ve got there I can see.

    Nobody deserves to be treated that way, sorry to hear it happened to you. She was probably just having a bad day too.

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