you can hide nothing

…from your children. Fights, etc. I was watching Oprah and she said that. She said you’re children see it when you fight even if you try to hide it. They know when things aren’t right. As much as you may try to hide from your children that you’re crying or whatever, it won’t work. They’ll see it.

Well, I have very few friends whose parents haven’t faught at some point or another. I’ve never understood how fighting is normal. Everyone else seems to think it is. I’ve never seen my parents fight. Ever. We’ve been through circumstances which my parents prefer not to tell people about where most normal families fall apart. The parents yell and fight and it gives the children issues. Not my family. The first time it ever registered on my radar that my parents had had a fight (which I still didn’t see), I was 22. I have NEVER seen/heard them fight before that.

Do I have an irregular family? I asked my mom once, when I had a serious boyfriend, why I’d never seen them fight because to him, fighting was a regular thing. Mom told me it is because they never do fight. She told me they’re more grown up than that. They know how to sacrifice and consider the other one over themselves and compromise. As much as people want to tell me fighting is normal and you need it I’m not going to believe it because I know it’s not true. You can have a good, healthy relationship without fighting and that’s what I want.


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