May 14

This time exactly 1 year ago I was graduating from college. I was so excited. So ready to move on to the next phase of my life. I feel like I’m always ready to move on…to get to what’s coming next. I was accepted to UT for my masters and had plans to move there 2 days after graduation. My parents were in town, my place was packed up, and Lubbock had nothing left for me. My life, one year ago, changed completely and moved into a new phase. I left the place I had called home for 4 years, left my friends, and became a little more of a grown up. I was a 22 year old college graduate who knew what she wanted to so and who she wanted to be. The door to my future was open and I was walking through it.

I don’t remember much about that day exactly. I remember my party, but it wasn’t that night. I remember watching a movie on the couch with Tim, but that was the next night. I remember going to Cricket’s with Drew and Becca for one last night out, but that was also Sunday, the night before I left. I remember seeing Stephanie after graduation ended, just outside. I remember she was wearing the pin stripped pants and tan shirt she’d bought at the mall with me that week. She said they’d cheered for me when I walked, but I didn’t hear anything when I was on stage in front of 10,000ish people. I remember talking to Drew all before the ceremony. I remember shaking Nathan Nash’s hand, sweet guy. I remember going to the Alumni Pavilion afterward to pick up my diploma where I saw Anne and Sarah. We left, but I don’t remember why or what we did after that. I don’t remember anything else about that day/afternoon. I remember packing up the truck on Sunday afternoon with my parents and brother and Tim. I remember leaving. I got pulled over on the way here.

Sweet memories. Tim, I miss you. College, I loved you for what you were when you were. I’m glad I had that experience. I am glad it’s over. As always, I’m glad for the next phase of my life and I’m ready to move to the one that is quickly approaching. Life, I love you. I am so very fortunate for my family, my life, and my friends.


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