thump thump thump

It is 7:23 pm. Beginning this afternoon about 1:15, the loud thump of the bass coming from the music downstairs began. I figured since today is the last day of UT finals and that it was the middle of the afternoon, I could suck it up and deal. I shut my windows and turned the movie I was watching up really loud. When the movie was over I left to take Aarti to the airport. I got back about 5:45. The music was still on and seemed louder than it was when I left. I went and got my mail and was so tempted when I walked past the office to go in and tattle, but I decided against it. I have been trying to ignore it and deal with it, but it’s now 7:30, I can hear the music over my tv. I got annoyed and called the office. The operator told me she’d tell the courtesy officer. Since then the music has gotten louder, but I can still hear it. Grr.


One response to “thump thump thump

  1. Last Thursday at about 2:00A.M. I had the pleasure of hearing my neighbors bumping uglies for the better part of three hours….

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