Don’t use Sprint!

So my bill this month was $90ish. I put a check in the mail early this week. This afternoon I tried to call someone and it went straight through to a Sprint recording that told me I’d gone over my spending limit of $125. How?!? I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. There’s no chance that in the middle of my month I am $35 in minutes over my plan! So, I talked to a person after hitting 1, then listening, then hitting 2, then listening, then hitting 8, etc. Person. Finally. He was absolutely no help. He didn’t know what that extra $35 was and said no one would know until it was in the system which would most likely be tomorrow. I can’t go without my phone until tomorrow. Grr! In 4 years they’ve never cut my service off! I might not be super annoyed if I feel like it’s something I did or something I charged, but my bill isn’t due until the 25th and it is in the mail. In 4 years I’ve never paid my bill late. I want to change companies. I have been unsatisfied with Sprint for almost the last year. Grr.


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