Graduation Night #1

I have to preface this by saying that I don’t understand the way UT does ANYTHING. They have to make everything so complicated. At Tech we have 2 graduation ceremonies that they rush through (not in a bad way) so they won’t take forever. Both on Saturday in the Spirit Arena. The first is at 9am and the second at 1pm. UT has 50 milliion graduation ceremonies. They start Friday morning and go until Satuday night. Each college has their own and some of the big majors even have their own. I’d rather do it with everyone. Less isolation. Plus, then your friends don’t have to sit through 10 ceremonies.

Anyway, last night we went out to celebrate the recent graduates. We met at Puneet’s, hung out for a while, and were on our way downtown. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun on 6th street…and not because I was drunk but because I quite possibly had the most fun on 6th street last night I’ve ever had…and I didn’t even drink. Anyway, the entire point of writing this was to repeat what Mike said about me. We were standing around talking and he was saying that what he loves “about this girl is that she doesn’t give a shit. All the other girls get all dressed up and she comes downtown in gauchos and a tshirt.” I don’t know what to think about that. I know he meant it in a good way…but I tried real hard to look cute last night. I was wearing Editor gauchos…they’re not as loose and stuff and it was a fitted tshirt with a tank under it. I thought I did look cute, until I learned that I apparently don’t give a shit. Oh, and a quick note. Don’t wear a grey shirt out when you’re going to be dancing in an over crowded bar. Last night was a BLAST…I can’t wait until tonight.

Conversations from the night:

“Hey! I was just walking by and I was looking at these two guys getting out of the car with all these hot girls. Then, I realized, hey, I know them.”

“Ok, we’re gonna go get the drinks were offered on the way here and then we’ll be back.”
“Where are you getting free drinks?”
“I don’t know, everywhere. That’s what happens when you are with these girls.”
“You are one of the girls too.”
“No I’m not.”
“Look around, you are one of the girls, you’re all hot.”

“She’s gonna go home with you.”
“No she’s not.”
“Yes she is. I bet you. I will pay your tee time tomorrow morning.”
“Dude, stop.”


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