Happy Hour

So Monday night Jen, the organizer of the 20 somethings, had a happy hour at Sherlock’s for all the new people and she invited some of the old people to hang out too. I’m only like 3 months old in that world…but I guess that’s old enough. There were quite a few people who showed up. Guess who was one of them…church boy. (People don’t seem to know there’s a difference between M and church boy. Please understand, they’re two different people.) He showed up and we all talked for a while. It was fun. Peopls started to leave. We were there until about 9 watching the game and playing pool. I grew up with a pool table, but man, that doesn’t make me good. When I left he left too and we talked by my car which seems to be customary for every time we see each other. He asked for my number, which I gave him…but what’s that going to matter, I’m leaving next Monday. While he was talking a few things came up, like how he’d recently broken up with his gf. So when we were by my car I asked him about that. He said he dated this girl (the one he oh-so-not-casually mentioned one Sunday after church) for 3 weeks, proposed to her while drunk, she said yes, it still sounded like a good idea the next morning, and they’d just recently broken up. Can you scream issues any louder??? I’m over being interested in this guy. But he was there and he seems like he’s cool…just not to date.


2 responses to “Happy Hour

  1. haha wow. i’m already intrigued by the guy. i love people with issues (just so long as I’m not relying on them). folks that have it all together can get so boring….

  2. doesn’t seem so bad I’ve proposed to tons of girls when i was drunk….

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