2 weeks to go

I was woken up Sunday morning about 9:45 by a phone call from a Pennsylvania phone number. I almost didn’t answer it. I was tired, sore, and it was before 10. I did pick up though, to a guy’s voice asking me what’s up. My reply was, “who is this?” in a pretty rude voice. He said, “your brother,” like I was stupid. Haha. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him and the Pennsylvania thing threw me off. We talked for 25 minutes. He had an hour of phone time that morning. He seems to be doing everything well and really enjoying everything. I’m glad. It’s good for him. He runs about as fast as I do now and said he’s lost about 15 lbs. He also said he’s now a team leader instead of a squad leader. Apparently he volunteered too much as a squad leader. He’s also the fastest at assembling his M-16 and was 1 of 5 in his companty to qualify as an expert marksman…there are over 160 people in his company.

He graduates in 2 weeks and then goes to NC for AIT training for 12 weeks. He seems to be doing well. I’m proud of him. He said anyone can write him…he likes the mail…especially from my “hot single friends.” If you want his address, let me know.


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