So when I got back to school from New York I took a job at the Hole In The Wall. They hired me and 3 other people. 1 girl and 2 guys who were also all in advertising and friends with me although I’m not sure I know who they were. One might have been Scott Anderson. Apparently Tuesday nights were the busy ones and the other girl and I worked on Tuesdays. The two guys were always hanging out there and Dr. Burns was my boss. No one was ever in there. One day the other girl and I were working and talking to the two guys about intramurals. Football or swimming or something, I can’t remember. Then I said something about what if I can get Keith Urban to come play. (Not sing but actually play.) They didn’t believe that I knew him, but apparently I did.

Then we were in New York City swinging from building to building like spiderman and that’s how we got around. One of the guys wanted to see the top of the Empire State Building but couldn’t get up there himself, so I helped him. Then I swung (is that a word?) down to where we play whatever IM sport it was that we played.

I walked in the house that had a yard very much like UG and Liz combind with Uncle Scott and Aunt Laura’s and Grandma and Grandpa’s old house in Midland. I know no one will know what that’s like but me. When I walked in the house there were a few people sitting around and we were talking about work and IMs. I said something about Keith Urban again and then got a look like I was crazy. Next thing I know my phone is ringing. I walked outside to answer it and, like the display said, it was Keith Urban. We talked for a long time about my new job and how things were going and blah, blah, blah. Then I said I know you’re busy, but my friends would like you to come play with us. He agreed and next thing I know we’re at his house, but we didn’t go anywhere, the house we were in was all of the sudden his, made over and he, Nicole Kidman, and their 6 kids lived there. We took a tour of the house and it was amazing. The kids hadn’t seen it before, so it was like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when the people go through the house and see their rooms. Then Keith and I got to talking and I was like a stupid star struck 13 year old. He had a wedding ring on. It was clear with a pink stripe around the middle of it. He and NK were married and keeping it secret from everyone. Then we got to talking about his last tour he’d just gotten back from and how it wasn’t supposed to be a tour but everywhere they went they ended up playing just the same. I told him that my friend John G worked for his crew. He said something polite and that was that.

About that time my dad (my entire family, including grandparents, was somehow there…grandparents included.) came and told me it was time to go. I was no longer in normal clothes. I was in a swim suit and towel. He asked me to go get the expedition. I asked which one, said goodbye to KU and NK and began my walk up the hill. Then Scott called and I woke up.

I only seem to have dreams I remember when I am at my parents house. Weird. I knew before I went to sleep last night that I’d have one to write about this morning too.


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