Things that make you go hmm…

Why is it that our government pays farmers not to farm?

People think hybrids are so great and all…but what about the electricity they use…that’s gotta come from somewhere too. Do the electric plants not pollute the environment just as much if not more?


One response to “Things that make you go hmm…

  1. Electricity can be generated through wind farms, damns, etc, and it’s not something that we will ever run out of. I’m not saying Hybrids are the beallendall solution, but it’s one of the better ones out there right now.

    Seeing as the average size of women today is something like a 14, I think a size 6 model is slightly less likely to make girls become anorexic.

    I think people who move productions overseas because it’s cheaper should be have their products be taxes so that they are the same costs as the exact same products that are made in the US.

    :) Have a safe flight tomorrow!

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