This week at the lake…

I went 3 times in a 7 day span. It was awesome. I really want to write about it, but there’s so much to tell that it’s going to take forever…and I don’t have forever, so I’m going to cheat and tell about it through pictures. UPDATE: The pictures wouldn’t work, so you get my brief summary version of my week. Sorry.

We went up to Andrew’s lake house Tuesday night, drank, and played games until 4:30am. Next morning we were up about 9:30 and went out on the boat. I water skiied for the first time.

Wednesday afternoon we went home. Friday morning Paul and John picked me up about 9:45. We went to John’s and got the keg, among other things. Then, we went to Pace Bend and reserved the camp site until everyone else showed up. First T, then Mark, then Sunil, V, and Mischa with the boat. We went out on it and good times were had.

When we got back, the fire had been started, food was being consumed, adult beverages were flowing, and again, good times were had by all. We drank with the guys at the site next to us who’d also been there all day waiting on friends.

About 12 drunk people decided it was a good idea to go swimming in the lake. I had no part in that. It was cold. Mischa and I went and slept on the boat. About 3, Sunil, Mark and Paul decided to try to tomachuk him. They were unsucessful and gave up.

We got up about 10 and all went cliff diving. Lets just say I will never do it again. I have a bruised tailbone and sternum along with other aching parts.

Then we went out to Devil’s Cove. Tons of fun.

I went home about 8 to go downtown for my going away party.

Monday we went back out to Andrew’s lake house. Tuesday they went on the lake again. I drove to Houston.


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