Sir Hotbod Handsomeface

Monday night I talked to one of my favorite people in Houston and made plans to go to lunch with him on Wednesday when I was in town before I left to come here. I hadn’t seen him since March. Long time. Last time we hung out he made me a Mojito, we watched Romeo & Juliet and we snuggled. This time we had to go to lunch seeing as he’s half of a couple now. So, a late lunch was decided. I picked him up at school after fighting crappy traffic. I actually saw a wreck happen. He wanted Freebirds and I’d been wanting it all week. It was great to spend that time with him. Any time I get to spend with him always makes me happy, whether it be lunch or snuggling. Even talking on AIM can usually make me smile. In the car he laid his head on my shoulder and it made me wish we lived in the same city. I wonder sometimes what it would be like if we did. For that moment that he was on my shoulder it was just him and me and he didn’t have a new girlfriend. We had a good talk at lunch. Just normal every day stuff. When we left he realized I hadn’t hugged him and hugged me at the door of Freebirds. It was a wonderful hug. I haven’t spent a ton of time with him, ever, but I have so many good memories with him. His head on my shoulder in the car Wednesday afternoon is going to be another one of them. He has no idea, but he will soon. We will never be more than friends and with that I have become ok. I enjoy whatever I can get with him.


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