Central Park

Before today I had never been there. I was bored and decided to go for a walk since we are right near the Great Lawn. Holy freaking cow, so cool! There was SO much going on there. Around the outside of the park there’s a road that people run, walk, skate, and bike on. Then, inside of that there’s a big pond/lake thing. Just south of that there are fields where people were playing everything: soccer, frisbee, flag football, baseball/softball. So fun. People were sitting around talking or reading. Walking dogs, playing with children. There were tons of playgrounds with tons of kids on them. I saw a wedding. There were tons of musical groups all over. Some were singing, some were guitaring, some were drumming, some were combining talents. There was a big skating area where people were showing off what they could do, and another where it was roped off and people were skating to this awesome beat. There were volleyball courts, sand and not, just past that and a big huge grassy area. There was a big huge fountain in one area, there was a marionette theater, a zoo, a chess/checker’s house, there was a wooded area with all sorts of rocks and a stream called The Ramble. There was a turtle pond, another pond with TONS of people in row boats on it. I think that’s about all I saw. Oh, I saw some theater area too. There were tons of people everywhere. It was awesome. I got lost and ended up walking around for over 2 hours. It was really cool to see and to people watch and stuff. I definitely want to read there more than once. What a great way to spend the day. I love that people here walk everywhere and don’t just sit inside their houses. Awesome. I suggest that everyone get lost in Central Park at least once!


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