first encounters of the non-tourist kind

So far things are going well here. I met my roommate yesterday. Her name is Renata. She is Polish and from Michigan. Nice, normal girl and that’s good. She came out with some of my friends and me last night and seemed to get along with them all really well. It was reassuring. It’s so weird for me to go from having lived alone for so long and before that living in a house/apartment but never seeing my roomates to living in a room that I am sharing with someone else. She’s out right now, been gone all afternoon actually, and as much as I like her (really, I do.) it’s nice to have the place to myself. I like alone time. Me time. We went to church this morning together. That was nice too. She found this really pretty Catholic church that’s 3 blocks from here. We went. There weren’t many people there and the mass seemed really dry to me. Church up here is so different. Hell, everything up here is so different.

Yesterday was a good day. It finally quit raining and the front passed. I went down to the East Village to check out Doug and Joe’s new place. Joe and I played Scrabble. That was fun. Then, I was hungry, so we walked around, explored, and got me some food. Good times. They live in a really great area. It reminds me of Rent. Yeah, I’m a dork. Then, I went home, changes, went back and we went and watched the Mavs game. From there we went to Coffee Shop Bar on Union Square (where part of You’ve Got Mail was filmed. I had no idea) for Matt’s birthday thing. There were like 10 of us there from Tech. It was really cool. When I think of Tech people I think of people who want to move back home after college and/or stay in Texas forever. Bars here stay open until 4am and call me old, but I just can’t do that. I was hungry about 1:30 so we came home and I ate. All in all I met some people, saw some people I knew, had some good conversation, drank water because drinks were $8.50 and I’m not getting paid yet, had a good time, and came home. It was good.


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