I am oriented

Yesterday was my first day at work. Got there at 8:40, sat in the waiting room, went to a freezing room for orienting. We sat for all day! Boring, typical orientation stuff. Hell, they taught us how to use the phone. There are 6 of us interning there. They didn’t even take us to lunch. We, the interns, went to Au Bon Pain as a group for the hour we had. Then, back to orienting. At 4 I got to go hang out with my mentor and supervisor. They’re so fun and so laid back. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with them. They told me that I will be doing whatever they have for me and that they want me to be able to go to/do all the cool things that come up while I’m here. It seems like they’re really going to try to make it a great experience for me. I really just hope that they have enough work to keep my steadily busy. We stood around for like 45 minutes just shooting the breeze. We talked about movies and apparently the fact that I know movies is a good thing. We also talked about food and places to go eat. My boss asked me what my favorite kind of food is that I want to try while here. I told him I heard the Greek food in Estoria is really good. He got all excited and said we were taking a lunch road trip one day. It’s going to be a good time!

I got home from work, checked my email, made some dinner and then got my book and walked to Central Park where I sat and read. Perfect. I think I’m going to become a Central Park junkie. We all know I was a park junkie in Lubbock. I used to go to the park to read or do my homework just because it was nice and got me outside. Same here, it’s SO pretty, there’s so much to watch and it gets me outside. Some guys started playing frisbee around me, I was in the middle of their triangle. I was also watching a softball game. So fun. Love it!


One response to “I am oriented

  1. I keep waiting for someone, someday, to say, “I am occidented.” That would really make me giggle.

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