rain, rain, go away!

Ok, so I guess not much happened yesterday. When I was on my way to work walking up the stairs in Grand Cental where there are a TON of people, my shoes miraculously got stuck to the stairs one right after the other, so when I picked my feet up to go to the next step, the shoes came off. The guy behind me picked them up and handed them to me. I considered putting them on, but there was no stopping in that crowd, so I walked up the stairs barefoot. Gross! At the top of the stairs I stopped to put them on and the guy who’d been behind me said, as he passed, “maybe you should keep those on your feet next time.” Cause I took them off on purpose. Jerk.

Last night my roommate, R, and I went and saw The Breakup. I really liked it. A lot of it was written really well. The fights were all incredibly believable. The lines you expected to hear (the typical movie script) didn’t exist, they actually said things I’ve said in fights before. Someone did a really good job writing it. There was a scene too where she was on her bed crying and he came in to talk to her. The way she acted and the way she said things…and even the way he said things…dude, that was like carbon copy of a fight I’ve had with an ex. Crazy. Good movie.

So, this morning I woke up and it was raining…and it didn’t get warmer than about 60 all day. I grabbed my umbrella on the way out the door. Good call, right, they keep you dry in rain…that’s good. I got out the door, opened it up, and it snapped in half. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! It was just sprinkling here, so that was ok, I just walked quickly to the subway. It was, however, pouring at Grand Central. I bought a cheap $5 umbrella from a guy on the street. I wasn’t expecting it to work when I had to open it myself on the way home from work, but it was fine. It will be broken by the end of the week, I’m sure.

I wasn’t very productive at work. I hate feeling like I’m wasing my own time as well as other people’s. If there’s nothing for me to do/nothing to be done, why am I there? It’s not the fault of the people I work with directly though, I still haven’t been given a desk, phone, or computer. Today was my 3rd day. It’s frustrating. Really. I want to get to work and get things done. I was supposed to have my computer today apparently. Maybe I’ll have it tomorrow?

Today on the way home from work I wore my flip flops because my shoes were killing my feet…which I knew they would be, which is why I brought flip flops to wear home. Flip flops don’t tend to have the greatest traction on them. I slipped walking on the fancy sidewalk next to my office building, so I was careful the whole walk. I knew that it would be embarassing and soaking if I fell. I walked carefully to the post office very carefully only slipping a few times (nothing noticeable to anyone else) and then walked my wet self into Grand Central to catch the subway. I saw the floor and before I even stepped on it, I knew it was going to slip. It’s a really smooth, tile floor…so I stepped really carefully. That didn’t matter, I slipped, very ungracefully, and almost ate shit. Haha…the guy behind me looked like he was going to try to catch me. How nice. But, I recovered, didn’t fall, and no one will remember it in the morning.

When I got home I checked the mail first thing because the rest of my stuff was supposed to get here today. Nothing. So sad. I came upstairs thinking the rain delayed my boxes and I’d get them tomorrow. When I got to the room I unlocked the door and when I opened it? Boxes!! Yay! My clothes are here, I finally have long pants and long sleeved shirts. March weather in June sucks. Yay for my stuff. My DVDs were in there too, so now I have movies to watch! And that, is my life. That’s all I got. Enjoy it. Be good.


One response to “rain, rain, go away!

  1. Dude! Send it my way! I’m tired of this 98 degree heat! GO MAVS!!! MUAHAHAHAHA eat it ass face! I love you for my awesomeness!

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