God bless

So every day this week, after our initial long first day of orientation, we have had an hour and a half of orientation to learn about the company’s various departments and what they do. Yesterday, Chris, a copywriter was telling us about his department, their jobs, and what they do. During his presentation someone sneezed. It reminded me of Kevin Sisk. Very confidently and openly, he looked at her and said only, “God bless.” Not even a ‘you.’ Kevin does that…he says people who say. “bless you” are leaving out what is entirely the reason for saying that to someone. Then, after Chris finished his presentation and was walking out of the room, that was how he said goodbeye to us. A simple, “God bless.” I did not in a million years think I would find that outside of the Bible Belt, let alone here in New York. Crazy.

Last night, Renata and I had planned to go to a bar in the village that she likes, but the other girls on our floor were going to a bar that’s less than a block from where we live. We decided to go there, because there would be more people. We wanted to get to know the girls. Good decision. It was SO much fun! They had kareoke there. Stephanie who was with us sang. So good. We got to watch the Mavericks beat the Heat…go Mavs! I’m jumping on the bandwagon for the finals just because I hate Shaq. No worries, I’ll be rooting against Dallas again next season. The girls knew the manager, bar tenders (who were hot), and the door guys. Good times were had by all and we didn’t pay for a thing.

So this morning as I’m about to walk into the subway, I see a guy in a blue polo crossing the street toward the subway. Cute guy. Didn’t see him again until I was standing, waiting for the train and he stopped to wait next to me. When it stopped we were sort of between cars. He went to the one on the left, as he was on my left, and I went to the one on the right. I saw him looking to see where I was going to go too. He stood by the window to my car and I was at the back of it…to where I could see him through the window. Too bad we weren’t on the same car, it would have been a good time to say, “So I think you’re pretty cute and I got tired of waiting for you to say hi to me. What’s your name?” Haha. Kidding, I could never! Anyway, we got off at the same stop and walked the whole way up into Grand Central where we parted ways. I’ll probably never see him again, but dang, he was cute.


One response to “God bless

  1. I totally agree about the “God bless!” I usually say “God bless you,” and comment how it annoys me when people just say “Bless you” because they’re leaving God out. Especially when I work at a church and people just say “Bless you!” What is up with that?

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