Green and sunny

Yesterday I got up, went to church, got groceries ($56 worth – and it all fit into 3 bags), then went and met friends at the park. I took a blanket and my book. I’d gone the day before with the girls as well, but ended up cold and left. It was cloudy and windy…no good. Yesterday, however, it was 75ish, clean, sunny, and really nice. We were there for like 5 hours. We just hung out and talked. I didn’t read at all. The Great Lawn has softball fields all over it and wherever you lay, you’re in someone’s outfield. There was some rude guy with little man’s syndrome who kept yelling at us to move and just us, no one else, even though there were tons of people there. We almost got hit like twice. All in all it was good times.

After we’d been there a few hours a guy came and sat near us who was grading papers. I asked him what he was grading, just to start a conversation since he was alone, and he said, “my students.” He then talked to us for the next hour or two during which his friend showed up. He ended up asking for my number and his friend for R’s (my roommate) number. They were nice. M1 and M2. Haha, they’re roommates and have the same name. We’ll see what happens with that.


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