Northern Gentlemen

This morning on the way to work I was standing at the subway stop and as the train pulled up everyone crowded aroung the doors like we do all the time. The door I went to it was me and like 6 mid-20s men. I was in the back because I’d been between the two doors, so I had to move to the closest door. They all waited and let me get on first. Sweet! Then, when someone got up at the next stop from their seat, the same thing happened. One of the guys who’d let me on first motioned to the seat for me to take it.

One of the guys was the cute guy I saw (don’t think I wrote about) last Friday morning on the way to work. We go to the same stop and get off in the same place.

Maybe I underestimated these northeastern guys. Maybe it’s just the two I work with who aren’t curteous to women.


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