So I just sort of realized I never REALLY resolved the M thing on here. Someone called me out on some stuff that I wrote, which made me go back and read it all. I realized it was an incomplete story. Basically though, we both sort of mutually lost interest, me because he was being a jerk and playing me, him…who knows. He left town on Thursday morning, for which we’d had plans for somewhere around a month for me to take him to the airport. Tuesday night, when we all play volleyball, he was a complete jerk to me. Wouldn’t pass to me, was taking my balls, and then when someone called him on it he just blew it off and said some rude things to me. It was good and awkward for everyone that night. When we all left he didn’t say bye or ANYTHING to me. He’d sent me an email a couple of days before with his flight info in it. Super formal, which was wierd to me. I didn’t email him back, I didn’t know I needed to. He wanted me to come pick him up at 8 this morning, which meant I’d have to leave at 7:30am, brave traffic, get him, deal with worse traffic, drive all the way out of town to the airport, and then brave traffic the 35 minutes back to my place. All for someone who wouldn’t appreciate it. Nope, sorry. I called him that night after he was a jerk to me and simply said, “I think it would be better if you found someone else to take you to the airport.” He asked why, I didn’t have a good answer, and that was it.

Wednesday I had to stop by and pick up some cds he’d borrowed from me to copy. He didn’t hug me or make small talk or anything. It was completely awkward. He told me to have a good summer in New York and that was the last time we talked. A month ago. You know, I’m totally fine with it…and really, I don’t want to talk to him.

Since then I have been talking to V and we even went camping together with the group at Pace Bend (my tailbone – almost 3 weeks later – is still bruised and hurting, by the way). I judged and assumed when I shouldn’t have. I also figured out that he was saying things to both of us to keep us from liking the other…to keep us “fighting” over him. Shady! She’s really nice…and I’d take her over him any day. We can both do way better than him.


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