I live in a dorm for the summer. We have the SLOWEST elevators ever! And, when the elevators aren’t being used, they go up to the roof. Does that make sense to anyone?? Me either. Why not just go to the Lobby to hang out? Illogical. On top of that, there is a gym here on the 3rd floor and rather than take the stairs, people take the elevator to the gym. You’re here to work out! Tonight some women took it to the 2nd floor. Are you kidding me?! Grr, it annoys me.


One response to “Elevators

  1. We had a lot of problems with that in our dorm as well this year. Evil glares were given to those riding to the 2nd floor, unless they happened to be carrying groceries or things like that. Be glad you have an elevator though, there was one dorm on our campus where the elevator broke and they went an entire semester with out. (This building had 9 floors) They even made shirts that said “We got the Shaft, Now all we need is an elevator”

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