you can do it all night long

This weekend was by far the best that I’ve had here so far. Friday afternoon I left work about 2:30. (We’re supposed to get off at 1 for summer Fridays.) I went home, dropped off my stuff, grabbed my book and my blanket, headed to the park, bought a frisbee on the way, and met up with the girls. It was perfect out. We laid out, talked, tried to learn to not suck at frisbee, and had a generally good time. Then we went home, relaxed some, got some dinner, and got ready to go out to the meatpacking district, which is what I was lobbying for all week. I’m kind of into trendy, uppity things. I wanted to go there and go out to a lounge and see beautiful people and have men buy me $14 drinks. And that’s what we did.

We went to Lotus, which I’d heard of a few times. We got there at 12 which was apparently early and NO ONE was there. The girls didn’t like it and wanted to try to get our $20 cover back and go. All I have to say about that is you’ve got to give new things a shot. Why not hang out for a few, dance a little bit, and see what happens. They were discouraged because you couldn’t sit down (all the tables were for bottle service) and there was no one there. My roommate ended up talking to the manager and he said he couldn’t get our money back but that he would give us a drink. (I honestly didn’t want to leave or try to get my money back.) He gave us all shots and VIP wristbands. I was ok before…with all this stuff I was set for the night. By then people had started dancing, so we went to dance. I ended up having 7 drinks bought for me from 6 different guys throughout the night and I met 2 guys. One we will call Pete and the other we will call Bobby. I danced with Pete upstairs. He is from Austin and works on Wall St. Sweet guy, very interesing. About 2:30 we decided to exercise our VIPness and head downstairs to the private party where we met Bobby. I don’t remember exactly how. We ended up hanging with him and the people he knew for the rest of the night. We went back upstairs and sat at the big round VIP table in the corner and someone bought us a bottle of champagne. Tons of fun.

When we all left the bar (about 4:15), Bobby took us, my roommate, another friend, and myself to get pizza. The other 2 girls who’d come with us left earlier in the night to come back up to the upper east side and go to the bar we live at. Branch. Out. We went to this little hole in the wall pizza shack where everyone knew him, got pizza, and he took us home. By the time we got there it was 5 and the sun was up. I haven’t had a night like that since freshman year of college. So fun. I went to bed about 5:30 and got up 1ish.

Saturday afternoon I went to the park with my book and hung out with the girls in my swimsuit. Gotta keep from getting too white up here. We were there for a good 4 hours and then we headed back to get dinner and watch the hockey game. I showered and then went over to BJ’s about 8 and watched the game. Go Edmonton! Hah. When the game was over I went home, changed, went back to BJs to tell the other girls (who got there after I left) what my roommate and I were planning for the night and invited them to come with us. They decided to stay there and she and I left to go downtown.

We started at Taj where we met Matt, who lives in our building. They knew people so we got in without paying cover and had a table with a bottle or two of Greygoose just floating around. You can’t smoke at clubs here, but apparently they didn’t care there. When we walked in you could see the smoke toward the top of the room…and it had an overwhelming smell of tobacco and weed. Wierd. We hung out there until 2:30ish and then headed to Embassy, less than a block away, to meet up with Bobby, the guy from the night before. He found us and then we went to meet some friends of his and go to an afterparty. It was in this huge, 4 bedroom apt. Someone was loaded. We left there, I don’t know, 5ish? He wanted IHOP and it sounded good to us. On the way there we found out it was in Jersey. Hah. So, to IHOP we went. Ate. Froze. Went to his place to check it out. My roommate sat down and was out in literally under a minute, so we ended up just staying there. About 1 he got up and brought us back to the city. We caught the train up to our place.

Pete, from Friday, called me and we planned to go to dinner and watch the basketball game that (last) night. Bobby didn’t go back to Hoboken, instead he went to Soho and invited me to come down too, so I showered, changed, and went to Soho. We just walked around mostly. Really good time. I LOVE this city! Then, I went back up to the Upper East side and relaxed for a bit. 7:30 I went and met Pete. He was really great. We just talked and hung out and watched the game. At half time we walked up to BJ’s where the girls were and watched the rest of it there. Both of the guys are polite, educated, well mannered, sweet, and good looking. What to do, what to do. We’ll see. I’ll let you know.

As for tonight, it is game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Get excited!


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