What I want

You know, I’m not entirely sure what I want from a man in my life, but I know that I want a man who is willing to do anything for me. Someone who will surprise me with things. Come see me when we are apart, call me just to tell me he’s thinking about me (even if he only has a minute), send me flowers at work (not so that everyone can see them, but because of the effort he would have to exert – it would show me I mean something to him), play with my hair while I fall asleep, cuddle with me because he can. I want someone who is sweet and affectionate and makes me feel needed. I want someone who will fight for me, even if the only person they have to fight is me.


2 responses to “What I want

  1. … someone who will watch me through the window even when I don’t know he’s outside..

  2. a little too much? Psha, there’s no such thing!

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