So I’ve recently had a conversation with a friend that might have been a long time coming, who knows. It may have been provoked by my drunk texting, no idea. We’re friends who like each other and live in different cities. I’ve liked him for a long time and the other night (don’t remember why, but…) he asked me what I think of long distance relationships. Always thought he knew I liked him. I still think he did. He had to. I also thought it was understood by both of us that we don’t want to do long distance. You know what though, that changes when you think someone is worth it. Well, it does for me anyway. I’m willing to try long distance with a guy if I see the potential for something really good to come of it. You’ll never know if you don’t try and I don’t want to be forever saying, “what if…” If we try something and it doesn’t work, well, then it didn’t work and I don’t see why we can’t continue a friendship. We will have just realized that it wasn’t meant to be that way. We will see what happens. For now we’re just trying to communicate better.

He makes me smile and I enjoy talking to him. He’s a good guy. An intelligent guy who makes me think and want to be more learned. He challenges me without knowing it. I am comfortable with him. He makes me feel good about myself and I’m completely comfortable falling asleep next to him. I know he wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt me (even if he didn’t like me). I like that I can sit with him, drink wine, listen to music and not have to talk. That’s all I have for now, and it’s more into my feelings that I normally indulge, so I hope it’s enough.


One response to “Validation

  1. Nice you see your actually giving it a chance. It seems like you got something special, and the silent moments that arent akward are quite nice. Best of luck with him and i wish you the best.

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