The theory of a friend

The man should always love the woman more than she loves him. I’m not quite sure what to think about this, but she has a point I guess. She says if it’s like that there are less likely to be problems with cheating, but I figure a cheater is a cheater no matter how much they love or don’t love someone. She says for a man, cheating can be purely physical whereas with a woman, relationships of any type involve emotions (and she is right about that last part). I just don’t know though that a man hould love a woman more. Can’t it be equal? And why go into things pessimistically and assume someone is going to cheat? It’s nice for the woman when a man loves her “more” I guess because then he dotes on her, but really?


I like the idea simply because it means I’m less likely to be left. “A wise girl kisses, but doesn’t love; listens, but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.”


7 responses to “The theory of a friend

  1. your friend is a moron.

  2. The man should always love the woman.
    Stop the sentence there and you’d have something. Throw in the obvious reciprocating statement and you’d pretty much have all the rules you need for a good, functional relationship. Everything else is someone’s baggage.

  3. I think there’s lots of stereotypes in there ….

  4. And how do you measure love??? My guess is by how much money you spend on them :-P

  5. This is a terrible theory..

    The potential for cheating is not affected by the relative discrepancy in the amount the two parties love one another, it’s affected by the amount the two parties love one another absolutely…

    Absolute, not relative..

    If the man’s love for the woman is an 8, and the woman’s love for the man is a 6 there is a higher change of cheating than if their love both scores a 10, or 9, or 8…

    Now, one could find a partner who loves them a 10, and love them a 9 in return…but that’s no fun now is it..

  6. You can’t rank how well you love someone from 1-10!

  7. perhaps my example is a bit weak, but one person can love the other person more than they are loved in return…ergo, people can have different ‘numbers’

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