The weekend

Aarti got here Thursday night. We went and got some dinner, went back to my place, hung out and went to sleep.

Friday I got up and went to work until about 1 when I met up with Aarti who’d walked the 50 blocks from my place to my office. Crazy girl. We then went to Grand Central, home so I could change and then to the financial district so she could see ground zero. I then took her by the Wall St. bull (she didn’t know what it was). Then we went back to my place, got ready for dinner and went to Churrascaria Plataforma. So. Good! From there we went back to my place, got the other girls and went out to Lotus where we met up with Bobby. He got us in (no cover), we weren’t there long, then we went to Home. I paid for the cab and then we had to run through the rain for 4 blocks. Again, no cover, free bottle at the table. Not so fun. When we decided to leave to go meet someone else (we didn’t tell him that part) he gave me a serious guilt trip and made me feel really bad, it was ridiculous. Anyway, we went to Underbar, met up with Pete and his roommate. We didn’t have cash, so we made a deal that they’d pay for our cab when we got there and we’d buy them drinks. They didn’t let us. Then, we were going to go to McDonalds to get some food for the girls. It started pouring! I got under a revolving door where I was shortly joined by everyone else. Big enough for 2, not 6. The guys got soaked. We were going to take the subway home, but they didn’t want us to walk there in the rain so they got us a cab, dropped $20 in my lap, said to call when we got home, and shut the door. There are nice guys in this city! When we got home the girls went to get food. I went to sleep.

Saturday we slept until about 1, got up, showered, headed to Times Square to find an Irish Pub in which to watch the soccer game. Pig ‘n Whistle. I’d been there before. Food was alright. Service was TERRIBLE. Awful! We were there until about 8:30. Aarti and I went home, changed, went and met Megan (Aarti’s cousin) at Geisha for sushi. So. Good! Love sushi! From there we went back to my place, got ready to go out, got the girls (who were at BJ’s), went to Embassy to meet up with Bobby again. He told me to call him when we were on the way. I sent him a text. Nothing. Sent him another when we got there. Nothing. I wasn’t going to wait in line and pay cover, so we waited outside for him for about 15 minutes, got sick of it and caught a cab to Union Square where Pete was going with some friends and met them at Coffee Shop Bar. As soon as we got there, guess who called. I didn’t answer. Between the guilt trip the night before and the flakeyness, I was fed up. Haven’t talked to him since. I’m pretty sure we probably won’t talk again. Oh well. No skin off my back. We stayed at CSB until 4:30 and then came home.

Yesterday I definitely didn’t wake up until 12. Church was at 11:15. Oops. I hopped in the shower and waited to hear from Aarti. About 2 she came and got her things and we went back to Megan’s place. From there we went to Soho to go watch the Netherlands soccer game. Pete and his roommate met us for food and the game. The place we watched it at wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but there was a tv and the game was on. We walked around Soho after. So fun. I love it down there. About 6 we were all going our separate ways and Pete invited me over to his place, so I went and we watched a movie. It was nice. That was my weekend. Good times. Friday night in the rain was probably the best.


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