Well, according to my allergist I am allergic t owalnuts, among other things. I don’t believe it. Prove it to me. I don’t know that I’d ever had a walnut before I was told I am allergic to them. Then I got curious. I always made sure I wasn’t at home alone or anything stupid, but I started trying to eat walnuts on things. Salads especially. I actually had them on my salad Monday and again today. Nothing. No rash, no hives, no scratch throat, no itchiness, no upset stomach. Nothing. I think my allergist is wrong, that or those allergy shots are really working. I don’t, however, think allergy shots can cure a food allergy…otherwise my brother would be able to eat fruits and vegetables.


One response to “Walnuts

  1. According to Seth’s allergist, he’s deathly allergic to cats and dogs.

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