Self Indulgent

I just got back to my room from getting a pedicure. All I have to say about that is heaven. It was amazing. One of the best I’ve had. My feet looked gross and I hadn’t had one in a month so I found a place to get it done. I walked past a few places some of my friends have gone to and found this little place about a block up the road. So glad I did. She massagesd my legs (they always do – but this one was amazing!) with an exfoliating lotion and then regular lotion, was super nice, and then when my toes were drying she massages my back and arms. I’m going there again. This was all for $26!! Love it.

While I was sitting there in the chair I was being a girl and thinking about this fantasy I’ve always had. For as long as I can remember I have wanted the man I marry to send me to the spa the day he’s going to propose to me (mani/pedi/facial/massage) and then when I get home have a new dress and shoes on my bed for me to wear to the dinner he takes me to that night. The rest he can plan. Hah. I know it’ll never happen that way and that’s what I was thinking about. I mean, it’s not like a casual conversation you can have and be like…this is what I’ve always wanted. Therefore, I have revamped my fantasy. Now I just want this man that I marry to send me to a spa as a gift of some sort. For my birthday, maybe on Valentine’s Day before he takes me out, for a big anniversary, as my wedding present, whatever. That might be the only fantasy I’ve ever had. Haha. Sad?


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