Today is the first 4th of July that I can remember not being at my parent’s house. I know I’ve missed a 4th of July before, and I can remember going to see the fireworks in Lubbock with friends, but that never registers when I think about the 4th. If I was at home today I would still be sleeping and my day would go about like this:
11am: Wake up, wander downstairs, look at what mom is cooking/baking, get something to drink, sit at the bar and talk to mom
11:15am: wander out into the yard to find dad and find out what he has smoking/bbqing for the day, talk to parents and currys
11:30am: get dressed and contemplate getting in the pool; relax
2pm: start getting ready for food, help mom take everything over to the curry’s and help mrs. curry set up for food. Recieve alcoholic beverage, watch dad cut up meat
2:45pm: EAT! Brisket, chicken, steak, spanish rice, beans, potato salad, twice baked potatos, a roll of some denomination, maybe some salad, deviled eggs (dad and I will eat more than half of them), blueberry pie or buckle, chocolate covered strawberries, watermelon, maybe more; Consume adult beverages
4pm: Get in the pool and float, continue drinking
8pm: Get out of the pool, take a quick shower
8:45pm: Get a drink of something alcoholic, walk out to the street, talk with parents, curry’s and probably steve
Dark: Sit in folding chair with all the moms, drink wine, watch the dads/kids light off fireworks
12:30/1am: Bed.
I love it, I miss it, I wish I could be there. Instead I will be watching the fireworks at the statue of liberty from a rooftop bbq. Nearly as good. I wish I was home today.


One response to “Patriotism

  1. Now I’m depressed.

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