I never thought I would find myself having to consider what I was going to write on here and not being able to be open. This is the first time. I want to write about last night, I want to write about what happened, but I just can’t be that open, not when I know a lot of who reads this. Some of the people I would be ok with reading it, others I would never want to know. Maybe I will restart my paper journal and start taking it everywhere with me. I’ve got to get these feelings out somehow. I just wish I felt the freedom to write about it. Sometimes I feel like I’m too much of a goody goody. Shouldn’t I just be more carefree and open and honest? Do I always have to look good/be the good girl? I don’t know who I am if I’m not her though.


0 responses to “Sensorization

  1. I dont know what actually went down, but it sounds like you hooked up with someone….based on what you have already said..

    correct or not..this is the inference everyone who reads this is going to make..

    assuming this inference is correct..
    you dont have to be a ‘goody goody’ or the ‘good girl’ but you should avoid being a hippocrate..

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